AC120 Fer-De-Lance
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Primary Roles *Multi-role Attack Helicopter.
  • Hostile Zone Search and Rescue. *Anti-Tank Helicopter.
Secondary Roles *Close Support.
  • Strategic Bomber.
Weapons (TODO)
Sensors (TODO)
Propulsion -
  • Single Rotor powered by two Zi-32 powerplants.
Cruising Speed 375mph
Maximum Speed Mach 0.75
ELA Unknown

Lacking a counter rotor, the Fer-De-Lance keeps its balance with a ballast that uses built in technology to both balance the craft and counter the sound produced by the rotors, weapons and even the occupants. This makes the Fer-De-Lance both agile and silent.

Built to handle rugged situations, the Fer-De-Lance needs no wheels or "feet"; it sits on its wings and rocket launchers instead.

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