AC180 Taipan
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Primary Roles Attack, Patrol, Transport
Secondary Roles Anti-Ship warfare, Anti-Tank Warfare
Weapons (TODO)
Sensors (TODO)
Propulsion 2 retractable rotors

1 Propeller (Powerplants TODO)

Cruising Speed Mach 0.75
Maximum Speed Mach 1.25
ELA Unknown

An attack and transport helicopter designed to take on the AFDL AX7 Boomslang. The Taipan takes its design cues from the real life Australian genus of snakes that gave it its name. It is fast, slender, agile, elusive, and most of all, potent. To make its potency most useful, the Taipan has been overstocked with sensory equipment. In a word, it is accurate. Precise timing and focusing of its weaponry means the Taipan can knock an apple off of a man's head from over 3 miles away. Literally.

Apart from having amazing weaponry, the Taipan needed to be fast and agile, and no doubt, its Australian creators delivered. The Taipan is also surprisingly quiet. Along with its rotors, it uses ion field generators (the rings on either side of the body) to levitate and move, without using any moving parts. A propeller on the rear of the body allows it to move silently without much thrust, and without changing the angle of its rotor blades. A second rotor below the tail acts as a stabilizer. This combination of features makes the Taipan almost as agile and manoeuvrable as the Boomslang which it was designed to take on.

The main downsides of the Taipan are that it lacks the ability to carry more than a single large missile and two small to medium missiles, and that it can only sustain super-sonic flight for short periods of time (unlike the Boomslang, which cruises at super-sonic speeds).


When the GCN approached the Australian designers behind the Taipan, they had one thing in mind. Defeat the AX7 Boomslang. Unfortunately, they would fall somewhat short of this goal. However, they did manage to create a helicopter strong enough to take on the Boomslang in head to head battle - and make it out alive.

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