AC210 PuffAdder
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GCN AC210 PuffAdder
Primary Roles Armoured Transport, Search and Rescue, Anti-Tank Warfare, Close Air Support
Secondary Roles Varied
Weapons TODO
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion TODO
Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA Unknown

In response to the request for a heavy helicopter capable of handling tough conditions and tough targets in one design, the African members of the GCN created one of the most feared transport and attack helicopters in history; the PuffAdder. Like the Fer-De-Lance it relies on a single rotor for lift and has no counter rotor. However, unlike the Fer-De-Lance, it has a secret that allows it to take off and land vertically, without the use of its oversized rotor. In addition to conventional rotor blades, it also features a powerful lift-duct system, which allows it to take off and land much like a VTOL fighter jet. It can also fly using its wings, without the use of its rotor, though it must maintain higher speeds for stability when doing so.


Smart RocketsEdit

The AC210 is noted for its smart-rocket firing system, which packs 120  SR9 smart-rockets per launcher. These rockets are appropriate for both anti-tank and air-to-air warfar, and are devastating to ground troops.


The AC210 can carry up to four missiles on external hardpoints. These include PunkBlaster, Cateye and DealBreaker missiles.

Rapid Fire CannonsEdit

The AC210 has five Rapid Fire cannons, two in the base of each wing, and one on the underside. These are most effective against ground targets (which are slower moving and more heavily fortified than aerial targets).


Four heavy lasers (two per side) are carried in the base of the wings. These are normally used against static targets.

A.I. SystemsEdit

Unlike the Fer-De-Lance and Taipan which inspired its design, the PuffAdder has no A.I. or Super Radar domes. Its A.I. systems rely solely on information from other sensors and data from other vehicles on the battlefield.

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