The AFDL insignia.


The AFDL AX7 Boomslang, one of the most powerful attack helicopters on earth.

The African Defense League, an alliance of African Military Powers from the nations which formed after the end of the great war. They function as a unified military power, rivalling the GCN, but in alliance with C.A.S. Internally, the AFDL consists of many subdivisions, led by the nations which were most powerful in those areas. They have Marine, Air Force, Land, Underground, Covert Operations, Special Forces, and Space divisions. The AFDL air and ground forces are among the most feared in the entire world.

Military PowerEdit

Air ForceEdit


The DCX (Dark Chanting) Goshawk is one of the main fighters used by the AFDL-AF. It is a multi-role fighter and ambush predator.

The AFDL Air Force is arguably one of the most powerful in the world, after the GCN and C.A.S. Specializing in the usage of stealth and ambush tactics, they are known for quick, clean execution of their missions and a loyalty to their own that is unmatched by any other air force on the planet. The main fighters in the AFDL-AF lineup are the Goshawk Series, Harrier Series and the Boomslang. They also employ a number of non-military aircraft, as well as specialized military aircraft for various, more specific roles (for example, the Gaboon Viper, Iced Mamba and Black Mamba Helicopters). A limited number of GCN and C.A.S aircraft are occassionally used as well, though mainly in training or non-critical roles.


Covert OperationsEdit

Marine CorpsEdit

Space ForceEdit

Special ForcesEdit

Underground ForcesEdit

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