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Primary Roles Super Low-altitude (SLAD) Multi-role, Coastal/Marine Fighter, Ambush Predator
Secondary Roles Varied
Weapons -
  • 12 missile hard-points
  • 2 Spatial Disruptors
  • 4 Lasers
  • Super Radar SCREAM and PULSE
  • Electronic Countermeasures including Basic Computer Commandeering Systems
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion Two ADFL Hyperdrives

4 AFDL Infraleon Drives (for hovering)

Cruising Speed Location regulated.

Mach 0.3 to Mach 1.25

Maximum Speed Mach 2.8
ELA Unknown

One Africa's more unusual fighters, the AMH Harrier is a Super Low AltituDe (SLAD) coastal and marine fighter and ambush predator. It is usually posted in wetlands between high traffic areas, waiting on the call to attack. Though it lacks innate stealth, it does have the ability to cloak, making it almost invisible to the naked eye. Due to its flat body, it has very little internal room outside of the cockpit, so most of its weaponry must be stored externally.

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