AP18 GoblinShark
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Primary Roles Ambush Predator, Interceptor
Secondary Roles Standard Operations Escort and Patrol
Weapons **
  • 5 Lasers in the nose
  • 4 Lasers in each wing
  • 2 35mm Cannons
  • Various Missiles: ACID Missiles, SeaSerpent Missiles
  • 2 Spatial Disruptors
  • Electronic Counter Measures
    • Super Radar "SCREAM"
  • Internal storage bays for carrying bombs, micro-drones, missiles, or smart mines
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion Two Xi-33 Hyperdrives

Four Nuclear Drives

Anti-gravity System

Cruising Speed Mach 0.975
Maximum Speed Mach 4.975
ELA 68

The AP18 is an Ambush Predator, flown mainly at night in valleys and other obscured areas where it is harder to track. When potential enemy targets are detected, the GoblinShark takes to the case, bounding to near-hypersonic speeds with its four Nuclear Drives and two Xi-33 Hyperdrives (the same model found in the SP21 TigerShark). The AP18 was one of the first fighters to encounter a Ta'Elan vessel, managing to cause damage, but not destroy it.




The AP18 carries a wide array of weapons, fitting with its role as a solitary fighter.




The main missile carried by the AP18 is the ACID Missile, a high speed, high energy missile with a small payload, but a big impact. It is designed to kill, and to do it quickly and throroughly.

Smart MinesEdit

The AP18 can carry various smart mines it internal storage. These can be aerial mines, or terrestrial mines.


The AP18 is powered by two Hyperdrives (in the main body) and 4 Nuclear Drives (in the rear wings). There is a fifth Nuclear Drive, which only provides power to its electronics. This drive is contained in the the first dorsal fin. Its nuclear drives are space capable, but only good for about an hour.

Nuclear DrivesEdit


The AP18 carries the same Xi-33 Hyperdrive that is found in the SP21 TigerShark, but it lacks the thrust vectoring nozzles and multiple outlets found on the SP21. This gives the AP18 notably faster acceleration when on pure Hyperdrive power, and allows it to sneak up on less sensitive enemies by disabling its Nuclear Drives.

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