AFDL AX7 Boomslang
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AFDL AX7 Boomslang
Primary Roles Fighter
Secondary Roles Hostile Territory Search and Rescue
Weapons Partially Classified


Sensors Unknown
Propulsion 3 Rotors powered by 2 African ATP97 Hyperdrives, coupled with nuclear drives.
Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA Unknown

This unusual helicopter/airplane hybrid is unlike anything before it. With 3 rotors, swept-back wings, nuclear drives, African Hyperdrives, and weaponry that would make a seasoned TigerShark pilot turn pale, the Boomslang combines some of Africa's best aviation and military knowledge with revolutionary technologies and impressive styling.

The Boomslang is heavily outfitted, not just with weapons, but with versatility. Its 3 rotor system was designed to give it both maximum lift and maximum manoeuvrability. The combination of rotors and wings allows the Boomslang to achieve speeds that are normally restricted from helicopters, as it can rely on its engines for extra thrust, and its wings for a more conventional source of lift. Its body can resist the rigours of super-sonic flight, and it is normal for the Boomslang to cruise at or above Mach 2.

In terms of weapons, the Boomslang is nothing to scoff at. Arrays of powerful weapons, including spatial disrupters, lasers, cannons, missiles and sonic weapons are strewn all over its body. As if these aren't enough, there is a rocket launcher on either side of the body, capable of launching 16 rockets per-launcher per-shot, for a maximum of 320 rockets. If these weapons still don't send the message, the Boomslang can resort to an internal cache of weaponry, including bombs, missiles, rockets, or "sky mines"... and if that still doesn't send the message, it can always knock out enemy electronics.

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