Asiatic Black Falcon
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Primary Roles Deep Cover Light Fighter
Secondary Roles Maritime Patrol
Weapons Largely Classified.

Partly LEAP capable.

Sensors Classified
Propulsion Classified.
Cruising Speed Mach 0.8 (Wings forward).

Mach 2.1 (Wings Receded).

Maximum Speed Mach 2.72
ELA 53

Created under secrecy in Japan by the Asian arm of the Covert Alliances, the Asiatic Black Falcon is a heavier and more sturdy mod of the original Black Falcon. It was conceptualized as an alternative to larger fighters such as the GCN's SP21 TigerShark, and ably delivers. Though not as powerful as the TigerShark, it still boasts a powerful array of weaponry and can hold its own in situations where light fighers are normally outclassed. As with the Black Falcon, the Asiatic Black Falcon is somewhat stealthy thanks to radar absorbent materials and a radar decoy ability.

Like the Black Falcon, the Asiatic Black Falcon possesses movable wings.