Tetanion B-Shield
Some attributes
Type: Unconventional Lunar Earth
Parent(s): Tetanion B
Satellites: Shares a complex orbit with Prosper.
Class: Unknown
Population: 5000~
Mass: 0.45 Earth Masses

The largest and most economically important moon of Tetanion B. A Lunar Earth with a rich atmosphere and a soil naturally rich in both organic molecules and rare super-heavy elements (including Tallium x, which gives it some of its blue glow), Bloom is a major source of food and minerals for the entire Tetanion Sector.

Due to its rich, blue atmosphere, plants and some animals grown on Tetanion B take on a bluish cast or completely blue appearance. Even most of the moon's subsurface water is infused with the organic pigments and compounds that give it its strikingly beautiful appearance.

As with all of Tetanion B's moons, Bloom has two rings.

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