CAF-X2 Fiyah Galash/Fire Galash
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Primary Roles Main Combat Fighter
Secondary Roles Compact Interceptor
Weapons -
  • 2x Nuclear Disruptors.
  • 1x 37mm Dafalikah Cannon.
  • 2x Rear-facing Twin Barrel Laser Banks.
  • 8 Hardpoints for Missiles or Bombs.
  • Internal stores for micromissiles, smart mines, depth charges and mini-bombs.
  • Electronic Counter Measures.
Propulsion 1x Caribbean Mofiyah Hyperfan with thrust vectoring and lift fan capability.
Cruising Speed Mach 1.45
Maximum Speed Mach 2.35

Do not exceed speed: Mach 2.45

ELA Unknown

The Symbol of the Caribbean CAF-X2 Fiyah Galash.

The second all Caribbean fighter, after the CAF-X1 Firebrand, is the CAF-X2 Fiyah Galash/Fire Galash. Like the earlier F/A18 Hornet, which inspired its design, it is capable of both ground/sea attack and hard core dog fighting. It can carry up to 8 missiles or bombs externally, as well as a small number of internal weapons including smart mines and depth charges.

Though less equipped than its contemporaries, the CAF-X2 can hold its own against the other fighters of its day, including the venerable F42 Wildfire and G2 SkyWeasel. Its small size, coupled with an array of potent point-and-shoot weaponry makes up for what it doesn't have. Larger fighters struggle to keep lock on the CAF-X2 when under the handling of a well trained pilot.

Before The Great War of 2150, allied pilots often joked that they would hate to face this dynamic little fireball in actual warfare. To their horror, this is exactly what ended up happening as the war progressed, as former allies became cut-throat enemies. Fortunately for the Caribbean, the CAF-X2 was able to hold its own long enough into the war to keep their skies safe until the war ended, and allow the region to pull through the war largely intact.

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