A dual-stage, single-engine cruise missile. It was designed for extreme accuracy, allowing the GCN to trap specific targets while disabling others. Due to its size, it cannot be carried by most GCN fighters and interceptors, so it is often launched from the ground.


The Captivity Missile is a dual-stage cruise missile. It has two stages: Launch and Delivery.


  • Captivity Missile Shuttle

The launch stage consists of two components: a rocket powered "shuttle", and the WArhead Deliverance System (WADS). Both components can function indepently, but the shuttle provides longer range and more accuracy. Within the shuttle, there are powerful, long range super radar sensors, with a radar boom capability, as well as a defensive EMP system.


  • Captivity Missile WADS
  • Captivity Missile WADS
  • Captivity Missile WADS, showing the Nuclear Drive outlets
The delivery stage involves only the WADS. Upon locating the target, the shuttle releases the WADS, which then activates its own engine, a Nuclear Drive. The WADS uses its own built in sensors to ensure an accurate delivery of the warhead to only the intended target, with minimal fall out (if any at all). The Nuclear Drive in the WADS uses deutrium as fuel, so there is no nuclear fallout as a result of the warhead's detonation.

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