Hornets are the main Ta'Elan warship class, and come in various forms to fit many roles, from all purpose, all weather fighters like the Black Hornet, to niche fitting fighters like the Shrouded (Shadow) Hornet. Hornets are so named because many of them are outfitted with "stingers" and other features that resemble those of the actual animals.

Hornets are named for their originating planet and for their role. So for example, the Calian HEAT Hornet was created on Calos, and is meant to operate in hot conditions (High Energy Attack & Transport). The Friorecytallian Ice Hornet was created by a collaborative effort between Friozha, the Recyclian Planets, and Titanium Tallide, and functions best in cold environments.

Most Hornets are way more powerful and technologically advanced than anything possesed by the the GCN, and most of them are also leaps and bounds ahead of the Axizian attack vessels (except for motherships of course). Also, most Hornets posses advanced cloak technology, force fields, and electronic counter measures unheard of in the ships of other civilizations.

  • The Dust Hornet
  • The Tallo-Terrian Cyclone Hornet
  • The Friorecytallian Ice Jacket
  • The Terrian Tallous RAM Hornet
  • Fuegan Tiger RAM Hornet
  • Friorecytallian Spiked Hornet
  • Litianan Shrouded (Shadow) Hornet

Along with the normal Hornets, the Ta'Elans have also crafted close support units, called Wasps, that are a subclass of the Hornet class. These vessels follow a similar naming scheme to the Hornets, and have similar technology, though they are usually not as powerful. Wasps, unlike Hornets, also tend not to be missile ships, but rather gunships.

After meeting the Ta'Elans, the Axis had to create their own Hornet killer, the Venom.