Seharia and Cryotos

A green dwarf star, and the parent star of the Cryotos System. Cryotos was the first green dwarf ever discovered, and also the first known to host a habitable body (Seharia).

Until the GCN's first exploratory ships reached Cryotos in 2330, it was believed that its green colour was nothing more than an optical illusion, as stars are typically not green. However, close examination of the star has shown that it is indeed green, and its green colour appears to be due to two factors - the presence of clouds of chlorine gas, which surround and partly shroud the star, and as yet poorly understood processes in the star's outer layers causing light within the green range of the spectrum to be produced, though other colours are also emitted. Due to the over abundance of green light, plants grown under Cryotonian light must be genetically engineered to produce blue, red, yellow, or purple pigments in place of chlorophyll.

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