GCN DS37 SandtigerShark
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Primary Roles SLAD Fighter
Secondary Roles Strike Fighter
Weapons (TODO)
  • Electronic Countermeasures Including:
    • VIEW Technology
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion (TODO)
Cruising Speed Mach 0.7
Maximum Speed Mach 2
ELA Unknown

The SandtigerShark is a Super Low AltituDe (SLAD) Fighter. It fights along coastlines and open ocean, in hot, dry regions such as Patagonia. Its design and build materials were chosen for the role, and it can take quite a battering from the elements, even from the salty air that blows off desert coastlines. It is the first GCN Fighter to be equipped with VIEW (Variable Incidence Electromagnetic Weaponry) technology.


The DS37 has often been the source of copious amounts of both praise and criticism, largely due to its unconventional design. With its sail-like tail, wide wings, and curved body, it doesn't look built for its role as a SLAD Fighter. However, looks are very decieving in this case, as the DS37 is actually one of the most agile aircraft in its class. Its sail fin allows it to make sharp, sudden, turns without modifiying its wing surfaces, while maintaining a largely horizontal arrangement. This comes in handy when chasing zig-zagging ground vehicles.


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