DealBreaker Missile
Type: Multi-role Air-To-Air (ATA) and Air-To-Surface (ATS) Missile.
Warhead: Nitroxylene Gel and Titanium rods.
Propulsion 1 Rocket

4 Long-range Nuclear Drives

8 Short-Range Nuclear Boosters

One of the most commonly used missiles in the GCN arsenal, the DealBreaker is a powerful multi-role Air-To-Air and Air-To-Surface missile.

Nose coneEdit

The DealBreaker Missile has a carbon-tipped nose cone, allowing it to penetrate even the thickest of armour to deliver its payload.


The DealBreaker Missile has a 10lb Nitroxylene Gel capsule, surrounded by Titatium rods. Upon impact (if armed) or detonation, the ignited Nitroxylene Gel creates a scalding explosion, and a shockwave that forces the ring of Titanium rods out in a spherical area. This means the DealBreaker can rip through enemy aircraft, ships, bunkers and tanks with ease, or deal great amounts of indirect damage despite missing a direct hit.

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