Eagle Owl
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Covert Alliances Eagle Owl
Primary Roles Super Interceptor, Fighter Killer
Secondary Roles None
Weapons (TODO)

Up to 12 missiles

Sensors Unknown
Propulsion Two C.A.S AD7 "Air-Hammer" Hyperdrives

Two nuclear drives

Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA Unknown

The largest and most powerful of the C.A.S Deep Cover Fighters. It is the only Super Interceptor built by the Covert Alliances (as a body) directly.


Concerned by the GCN's possession of heavy interceptors, including the GI175 SleeperShark and GI105 NurseShark, and their investment in stealth fighters such as the ST02 Daggerrax, the C.A.S put the best of their designers to the task of creating a stealthy, deep cover heavy fighter that could take on the roles of its GCN counterparts. It would need Pathfinder capabilities, a Recon-and-Destroy option, and software features that set it farther on than its predecessor, the Sparrowhawk.

Notable VictoriesEdit



The Eagle Owl is C.A.S' only home grown Super Interceptor. Unlike most other interceptors, it is not launched in response to enemy threats, but rather, remains in a holding pattern within a "safe zone" until enemy aircraft are detected (often by smaller patrol craft, like the Kite). If the threat is significant enough to require intervention, then the Eagle Owl leaves its territory and intercepts the enemy. Typically, aggressive action is not taken unless the enemy fires first.

Fighter KillerEdit

The Eagle Owl can outclass many GCN fighters, and its very existence serves as a statement of military arm flexing to the GCN. Though it has yet to be used in this role, simulations show that in a real warfare scenario, the Eagle Owl would be able to take down most enemy fighter aircraft from the sky before they even have a chance to initiate a dogfight.


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