Emerald (Moon)
Valius Prime-Shield
Some attributes
Type: Jeweled Luna
Parent(s): Valius Prime
Satellites: None
Class: Unknown
Population: 500~10 000
Mass: -
Tilt: -
The larger of Valius Prime's two moons. Emerald is a Jeweled Luna, meaning its surface is rich (over 75% by composition) in precious stones, including jasper and diamond. Large deposits of the super-heavy elements Nastium and to a lesser extent, Tallium X, give Emerald is blue-green glow, which is visible across the entire surface of the moon even when it is hidden from the light of its sun, Valius, by the shadow of its parent planet, Valius Prime.

Though not yet an important source of industrial minerals, Emerald is mined year-round for its precious jewels, which help to fuel the jewelry market across the GCN's vast empire.

Though Emerald is relatively hospitable to life (it has somewhat tolerable conditions and its atmosphere is breathable with some assistance), it has no permanent settlements. The lack of a day/night cycle (due to the moon's own natural glow), the presence of only a weak magnetic field, and the surface-level magnetic interference (due to the abundance of magnetically active Tallium X in the crust), make it rather unfavourable for constant human habitation. There are also fears of future incursions by TCOA and other piracy groups, though as of yet, attacks on Emerald have been rare and of lower intensity than attacks on other resource centres.

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