A rough system of measurement of stamina and endurance developed by the GCN for rating the effectiveness of military vehicles, especially aircraft, mobile command centers, tanks and ships.

Aircraft (ELA)Edit

The engagement lifespan of military aircraft can be anywhere between 1 and 75, with 75 representing an aircraft that is considered largely unbeatable in a typical wartime scenario.

Though there is no exact formula for calculating the ELA, it is typically determined by running a battery of test scenarios using available data in combat simulators. The average result of these scenarios is then rounded off to the nearest integer value to determine the ELA rating.

The only aircraft on earth and her colonies with a rating of 75 is the Caribbean Phoenix, which is 3 points ahead of the GCN's own SP17 Helicoprion at 72. The lowest ELA of any GCN fighter rating for currently operated aircraft goes to the SF2 EagleRay, which has an ELA of just 3.

Mobile Command Centers (ELM)Edit


Tanks (TEL)Edit


Ships (SEL)Edit


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