F37 Thunderclap
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Primary Roles Main Combat Fighter, Fighter/Bomber (F37-B)
Secondary Roles Escort, Patrol
Weapons Varies depending on the variant.

F37 (Standard):

  • 2x Micro-Machineguns in the nose.
  • 4x Air-To-Air Missiles
  • Room for 2x Air-To-Surface Missiles or Rockets in forward bays.
  • Electronic Countermeasures.

F37-B (Fighter/Bomber):

  • 8x Hard Points.
Sensors Partly Classified.
  • SAR.
  • Night Vision Sensors (typically hidden).
  • All-Weather Passive Aircraft Detection System (two panels over the wing bases).
Propulsion 1x Ultrafan with super-cruise and thrust vectoring.
Cruising Speed Mach 1.25
Maximum Speed Mach 2.1
ELA Unknown

Intended to be a cheaper, less versatile successor to the F35 Lightning II, the F37 Thunderclap was envisioned as mainly a highly marketable export. However, it overshot expectations, and became a major player for the US Airforce and Marines, as well as the armies of many rich countries around the world. It was later replaced by the F41 Hailstorm in its fighter bomber role, and later at the close of the 21st century, by the F42 Wildfire in all roles.

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