F41 Hailstorm
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Primary Roles Fighter/Bomber
Secondary Roles Reconnaissance
Weapons Partly Classified.
  • 3x Nuclear Disruptors.
  • 2x Machineguns in the nose.
  • 6x Retractable Hard-points for ASAD missiles or bombs.
  • Electronic Countermeasures (Including Missile Anti-Locking System).
Sensors Mostly classified.

Features All Weather Synthetic Aperture Radar (AWSAR).

Propulsion -
  • 2x Ultrafans with thrust vectoring.
  • 4x Scramjets.
Cruising Speed Mach 2.5
Maximum Speed Mach 4.2
ELA Unknown
A large Fighter/Bomber created by USAFI to replace the F37-B. It blurred the lines between fighter and bomber so much that it has been referred to as both interchangeable. It was the first and last aircraft to carry the USAF's controversial "Hailstone" bombing system, a highly effective, but somewhat reckless weapon for blanket bombing large areas. Due to mishaps that occurred during its early usage, the UN banned member states from operating the F41 in select territories.

The F41 continues to be used by a few air forces around the world as part of combat training. Africa is a notable user of the F41.

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