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Primary Roles Main Combat Fighter
Secondary Roles Escort
Weapons Partly classified.
  • 3 Nuclear Disruptors.
  • Electronic Countermeasures.
Sensors Partly Classified.
  • All Weather Synthetic Aperture Radar (AWSAR)
Propulsion 2 USAFI Ultrafans with thrust vectoring and super-cruise.
Cruising Speed Mach 1.75
Maximum Speed Mach 3.12
ELA Unknown

The F42 Wildfire is a USAFI Multirole Strike Fighter, which replaced the F35 Lightning II, F37 Thunderclap, and F41 Hailstorm in most of their roles. It is equipped to handle all kinds of environments, and can handle VTOL even with a full payload and heavy damage. It was replaced by the G2 SkyWeasel, a less stealthy, slower, but lower cost fighter, and the G1 SkyCaptain, which signaled the (intended) end of manned fighters in combat.

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