Some attributes
Type: Baby Roaster
Satellite(s): None
Population: None
Mass: 0.785 Earth Masses
Tilt: 35°
 A Baby Roaster in the Kayaezon system, and the smallest roaster in the known universe. It orbits (relatively) closer to its trinary parent system at its perihelion (closest point of orbit) than earth does to the sun. As with all planets in the Kayaezon System, Firaagis has an erratic, eliptical orbit, but unlike them, it orbits on a major tilt, zooming around on an orbital plane of 46°. Depending on the orbital position of Chimetra, Firaagis is the first or second planet in the Kayaezon system, and the smallest with regards to mass (Flex is slightly more massive, but much smaller in diameter).

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