Some attributes
Type: Super-dense Ice-world
Satellite(s): None
Population: 320
Mass: 0.79 Earth Masses
Tilt: 10°

 The fourth and final planet of the Kayaezon System, Flex is a Super-dense Ice World with an unusual array of four mis-aligned (and two misshapen) rings. Though it has a habitable atmosphere, the lack of high energy sunlight keeps the planet from reaching comfortable temperatures, even during its 1 year long summer period, and as a result, the GCN has opted to keep it as solely a research station for some 320 permanent-resident scientists. Despite being more dense than the average earth-sized ice planet, Flex's makeup keeps its gravity low, and its surface gravity is not consistent across the entire planet. At the poles and equator, its gravity is comparable to that of Mars, and in other areas, it is highly variable, being anywhere from 0.5 to 0.7 times that of earth.

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