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Type: Ice Titan
Satellite(s): Extracalia, Fri'anzha, Friyana
Population: 2 750 000.

The 23rd planet in the Megachidnus System, Friozha is also the coldest inhabited planet in the universe. Its name means Frozen, Frozen One. or Cold-hearted, and it certainly lives up to this name. Friozha is so cold, liquid nitrogen condenses on its surface during the winter, forming rivers of nitrogen. It also has nitrogen rain all during the year, though most of it never reaches the surface until winter. Friozha is a major technological center for the Ta'Elan Empire.

Life on Friozha Edit

Though Friozha has been settled, most of the population lives continually underground, as the surface is too cold for human habitation, even with the use of technology. Surface-level outposts are manned from time to time, but generally, automated systems handle any most surface-level activities.

People Edit

The people of Friozha, known as 'Friozhans', are an ethnically distinct group among the Ta'Elan empire. They descended from a small population of settlers who were stranded on Friozha shortly after Mission : Illumination. Most Friozhans have blue, grey or green eyes, thick, curly or wavy hair (of various colours), rounded faces, and softer skin than usual. Due to various mutations in the founder population, Friozhans are more susceptible to heat and ultraviolet light than other human beings, and more tolerant to cold conditions, but they are also prone to a wide variety of mildly harmful genetic defects.

Despite having a relatively large population, Friozhans make up a tightly knit community, and practice the idea that everyone is family. It is not uncommon for even the most distantly related families to share communal homes or meet and eat together. However, Friozhans are also known as the most militant defenders of the Ta'Elan empire, having developed powerful weaponry to protect their people from Axizian forces.

Technology Edit

Despite their isolation, the Friozhan people are noted for their advances in science and technology. They have developed various tools and systems to help them handle the conditions of their home world. These numerous discoveries have helped to chart the technological course of the entire Ta'Elan empire.