G1 SkyCaptain
View In 3D: N/A
Primary Roles Air-Superiority Multi-Role Fighter Drone
Secondary Roles N/A
Weapons Partly Classified.
  • 4 Nuclear Disruptors
  • Two Missile Hardpoints
  • Internal Stores; possible weapons classified.
  • Electronic Countermeasures.`
Sensors Largely Classified.
  • High Energy Radar
  • Multispectral Cameras.
Propulsion Two Gas/Hydrogen Turbojam Engines with joint exhaust.
Cruising Speed Below 50 000 ft:
  • Mach 1.25.

Above 50 000 ft:

  • Mach 4.5.
Maximum Speed Mach 6.
ELA Unknown

The main fighter in the USAF from 2135 until well into The Great War. It was the first Hypersonic Multi-role Fighter Drone in service, managing to fill all of the roles once filled by a mixture of both manned and unmanned fighters, and allowing the USAF to do away with the majority of their fighters and reconnaissance drones.

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