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Primary Roles -
  • Tactical Coordination
  • Reconnaissance
  • Hostile Environment Civilian Patrol
Secondary Roles Electronic Warfare
Weapons Electronic Countermeasures including:
  • Partial LEAP capability.
  • Super Radar BOOM.
  • EMP Capability.

Defensive features including:

  • Steam jets.
  • Nasal Spike.
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion Hybrid Fission/Fusion Nuclear Drive
Cruising Speed Mach 0.95
Maximum Speed Mach 2.5
ELA Unknown

The Enforcer is a fully independent War Drone, meaning it needs no input from ground control once it launches, and flies, orders and even defends itself. Once airborne, it has no need to return to the ground except for repairs and rearming. With advanced AI systems and Super Radar, it can not only find targets on its own, but it can even plan, carry out, and change its own missions on the go, with no input from the ground. It normally works alongside other War Drones, such as the GCN Pacifier, or as a Tactical Coordinator for manned fighters.

Propelled by the power of nuclear fission, or when needed, fusion, it has no need to return to the ground to refuel; whatever fuel it needs it gets from the air. The only waste products its engines produce are water and heat, the latter of which is mostly recycled.

Since the Enforcer lacks any serious weaponry, and has to rely on its electronic warfare capabilities to knock out enemy systems, it is not effective in an offensive role. However, its Super Radar "boom" can be devasting to enemy electronics, and its EMP capabilities are nothing to scoff at. If needed, the Enforcer can ram into enemies with its Titanium-Stabilized-Uranium nasal spike, which is normally used to break the sound barrier smoothly. This can cause damage to the Enforcer itself, but usually not enough to render it crippled.