Not to be confused with the similarly notorious "Hell Pits", any prison run by the GCN Military and/or preserved for war criminals. While the most ruthless of criminals are usually publicly executed, the GCN has made provisions for putting away those whose deaths may cause more problems than their lives.

Civilian criminals with extensive records and no sign of a possibility for rehabilitation are also sent to such prisons. The most famous GCN Military Prison is the so called "Valley Of Death", located on Executioner, a moon of Tetanion C.

GCN Military Prisons are classified according to the levels of criminals they accept. The vast majority of these prisons serve as temporary housing for members of the military who are indicted on minor offences and awaiting trial or appeal. Most of such persons are released after a short period, and if their record remains clean for a set period of time (usually dependent on their rank or the severity of their last offence), then it is reset. Only in the case of a more severe offence is the old record resurrected, and the offender likely to end up in a higher category prison.

Main article: GCN#Law

Categories Edit

Staffing Edit

GCN Military Prisons are staffed according to their category. Higher level prisons have less human staff, and the highest level prisons are completely overseen by machines, which are not directly connected to any outside systems.

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