GCN DR-N2 Pacifier
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GCN War Drone DR-N2 Pacifier
Primary Roles Attack Drone, Patrol, Close Air Support
Secondary Roles Squadron Coordination
Weapons 8 Guns

9 Missile Hardpoints 4 Steam Blasters Electronic Counter Measures

Sensors Unknown
Propulsion 1 Hybrid Nuclear Drive
Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA Unknown

A fully independent War Drone (which means it can fight without instructions from ground control). Like the GCN Enforcer, the Pacifier is powered by nuclear drives, and has no need to return to the ground except to rearm itself or in case of physical damage. It gets all of its needed fuel from the air when its storage runs low, and recycles the heat and water produced.

It has advanced AI systems and Super Radar, so it can find and "handle" targets on its own. Along with the Enforcer, it can even take on manned fighters. It can carry up to nine GraveYard, SeaSerpent, Cateye or DealBreaker missiles, and has a myriad of guns at the front, just in case it has to go head to head. On top of that, it has the same Super Rader "boom" ability as the Enforcer, so it can "blind" enemies before taking them out. Like the Enforcer, the Pacifier can ram into enemies with its Titanium-Stabilized-Uranium nasal spike, at a cost to the Drone, but not enough to cripple it.