GI175 SleeperShark
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GCN Great Interceptor, GI175 SleeperShark
Primary Roles Heavy Interceptor: Ambush Predator
Secondary Roles Reflex Interceptor
Weapons **
  • Up to 14 Missiles, including:

Cateye, DealBreaker, i10 "Spanker", i12 "Slasher", SeaSerpent and SkyDragon Missiles

  • Various Cannons (TODO)
  • Nuclear Disruptors
  • Super Radar "Scramble"
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion **
  • 2 Xz300 Hyperdrives
  • Nuclear Drives in the wings and tail

3 Nuclear Drives

Cruising Speed Mach 2.8
Maximum Speed (Altitude and location dependent).

Below 50 000ft:

  • Mach 3.7 (GCN Regulated).

Above 50 000, but below 75 000ft:

  • Mach 4.5 (GCN Regulated).

Above 75 000ft, but within atmospheric limits:

  • Mach 5.5; Mach 7 in some locations. (GCN Regulated).

Exospheric Flight: Mach 8.89 (with force field engaged).

ELA Unknown

Arguably the fastest of the great intecerptors (GI Series), the GI175 SleeperShark is a large, "Ambush Predator" interceptor. It was created to tackle high altitude, high speed targets, including the GCN's own Albatross family, and high powered pirate ships as they enter the atmosphere. It is also a "Reflex Interceptor" (quick response), which means it can be boarded and in the air within less than ten minutes of a threat being detected.


Notable VictoriesEdit



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