GS13 Lionfish
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Primary Roles Heavy Gunship:
  • Anti-tank warfare.
  • Anti-sub warfare.
  • Close-air-support.
Secondary Roles -
  • Pathfinder.
  • Defender.
Weapons Guns:
  • Dual 35mm rapid-fire cannon.
  • 2x pivot-mounted hyper-fire cannons.
  • 2x shoulder-mounted cannons.
  • 2x Wing-mounted rapid-fire cannons.


  • Single internal multi-function laser (assault capable; used for spotting laser-guided weapons).


  • 2x Spatial Disruptors.
  • Communication Disruptors.


  • 2x Hard-points for micromissiles, bombs, or support pods.

Electronic Countermeasures:

  • Varied.
  • REACTION-Interface Inhibitor Suite.


  • Various steam blasters (vectored thrusters).
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion 2x Compact Hyper-drives with multiple vectoring ports.
Cruising Speed Mach 0.73.
Maximum Speed Mach 0.98 (Do no exceed speed).
ELA 50

A heavy gunship, the GS13 Lionfish was created to tackle tough targets, including tanks, subs and mobile command centers. It can provide close air support to troops, functioning as a pathfinder or a simple defender. It is in many ways the spiritual descendent of ground-attack planes such as the A-10 and Su-25.

The GS13 is not only heavily outfitted with weaponry, but heavily outfitted with armour. As a result of this, and its design, it isn't capable of (safe) super-sonic flight, but it is one of the fastest sub-sonic attack aircraft in all of history.

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