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Primary Roles -
  • Hostile Extraction Unit
  • Light Attack Helicopter
  • Interdiction Unit
Secondary Roles Manned Patrol & Defense
Weapons -
  • 2x 33mm Guns
  • 2x Nuclear Disruptor Arrays
  • Axr-Pod (under nose)
  • 2x Missile Hardpoints
  • Super Radar PULSE/SCREAM
Sensors -
  • Axr-Pod
    • Multispectrum Cameras
    • Ground-penetrating Xtradar
    • Passive Sensory Suite
  • Super Radar
  • REACTION Amplifier Node
Propulsion -
  • 4x Nuclear Drives (2 power the Nuclear disruptors)
  • 2x Counter-rotating Rotors
Cruising Speed 275mph
Maximum Speed 595mph
ELA 35

The attack variant to the Hummingbird-GRC.

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