The I-WIN Logo.

The Inter-World Intelligence Network. It is the main intelligence body of the GCN, responsible for watching over activities in all of the worlds controlled by or directly affecting the GCN, earth, and her colonies.

I-WIN depends on technology more so than on human agents, because human agents are more likely to be side-tracked by their emotions and personal convictions. By automatically monitoring every individual under the agency's radar, the I-WIN can predict, and thus prevent, terrorism other potential trouble long before it occurs. For somewhat unrelated reasons, simple dissent against the GCN is also regulated in much the same way.

One shortcoming of the I-WIN's methods and policies is that members of the GCN's vast military are given a degree of freedom from monitoring not given to regular citizens (so as to avoid the risk of intelligence leaks to rivals such as C.A.S.I.A or AIREA). High ranking, trusted members of the GCN military, such as Defenders, Superior Generals and Commanders, can exempt themselves completely from monitoring and tracking for the purpose of carrying out their missions. However, the one catch here is that if their actions are later found to be a threat, they are more likely to be executed or imprisoned.

On earth the I-WIN division GIN is responsible for most intelligence related operations.

More details about I-WIN will be revealed in upcoming releases.

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