ISI1 SkyWolf
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Primary Roles Fighter
Secondary Roles Ground Attack
Weapons -
  • 1x 25mm gun in the nose.
  • 1x 3-Cell Nuclear Disruptor.
  • 2x Wing-mounted Nuclear Disruptors.
  • 2x Magnetic Pulse-laser Disruptors.
  • 12x Hardpoints for missiles, bombs and pods.
  • Electronic Warfare Suite.
  • Internal Stores for missiles or bombs.
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion 3x Israeli PUFF2 Ultrafans
Cruising Speed Mach 0.99
Maximum Speed Mach 2.78
ELA 35

The first all Israeli fighter, the ISI1 SkyWolf would issue in a new era of a militarily independent Israel. Among the most powerful fighters of its time, it was a popular candidate for export, but many nations, having an anti-Israeli stance among their populace, were reluctant to purchase this heavy-hitting fighter.


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