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Indo-Caribbean Interceptor, Peregrine/Sykegnat
Primary Roles Heavy Fighter, Interceptor
Secondary Roles Coastal and Maritime Patrol and defence, Intruder, Recon and Destroy
Weapons TODO
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion TODO
Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA Unknown

Notoriously the most powerful interceptor at the Caribbean's disposal, the Peregrine/Sykegnat represents the evolution of the fearful and dread Warhawk into an interceptor class fighter.  The spiritual succesor of the Peregrine is the Covert Alliances Sparrowhawk, which is less powerful and lacks the alien technology, but better fits the needs of the Covert Alliances. India has opted to use the Peregrine in only a limited role, under the name Sykegnat.


First planned in 2792 as a step up from the WarHawk , in order to keep up with the ever evolving SP21 TigerShark, the Peregrine project would remain a secret for almost one hundred years. Its first flight was conducted underground in India in 2880, and it first appeared above ground in 2885 at an airshow as a show of force to the rest of the world. Since then, the Peregrine has been constantly improved, and even sports alien technology (as of 2900), including alien propulsion systems and force fields.