The LBX Goshawk uses 2 Infraleon Drives. It can reach speeds of up to Mach 3

A unique propulsion system developed by the AFDL. It uses no fuel and requires nothing more than an atmosphere. Much of how the Infraleon Drive works is classified.

Basic Principle:Edit

The AFDL has wisely, but unfortunately, kept Infraleon Techology under wraps. What is known however, is that an Infraleon Drive uses a metallic plate as a contact with air, which is then heated by the release of infrared rays and ionization caused by a short range magnetic ripping effect. A longer range magnetic field is then applied, causing the ionized air to move away from the source. The process repeats indefinitely, creating waves of hot, ionized air, and as a result, creating a force in the other direction.

At really high power, an Infraleon Drive can create plasma. This gives it even more potency and drives the vehicle (such as an aircraft or tank) along faster.

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