Some attributes
Type: Lunar Earth
Parent(s): Tetanion C
Satellites: None
Class: Unknown
Population: 41 000~
Mass: 1.8 Earth Masses

The smallest of Tetanion C's 3 moons, but also the most hospitable to life. It is named for its relatively trying, but balanced environment, and has become home to a growing population of over 41 000. The GCN intends to make Judge favoured spot for military families whose loved ones serve in the Tetanion Sector.

Religious Significance: Edit

Judge is revered by the Tetanite Court as their guardian, arbiter and protector. Members of this arm of the Tetanite cult consider it their duty to join the ranks of the GCN's various military bodies in order to defend the "purity" of the moon and prevent its infiltration by those who "do not respect its decisions." Their activities are closely monitored by the I-WIN and any found to have violated the GCN's own directives is sent to prison on Executioner, with no hope of release. Members of the Tetanite Court see this as the ultimate punishment and consider it to be the will of the moon (Judge) itself, and therefore, dread the possibility of this fate coming upon them.

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