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Primary Roles LEAP Fighter
Secondary Roles N/A
Weapons **
  • Electronic Countermeasures, including Electronic Interference Systems (EIS) and Computer Commandeering Systems.
  • Super Radar Assault Capabilities including: Super Radar BOOM, SCREAM, and PULSE, Super Radar Lasers and Super Radar Blocking.
  • Long Range EMP Capability.
  • Four High-Energy, Short-Range Lasers.
  • Up to Four Wing-Clipper, Sea-Serpent or ACID Missiles.
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion **
  • 2 unclassified C.A.S Hyperdrives with hover ability and Ionic Hover Plates.
  • 1 Nuclear Drive (Space-Capable, for short distances in exospheric orbit).
Cruising Speed Mach 0.75
Maximum Speed Mach 2.73
ELA Unknown

The Kestrel is a LEAP (Long-range Electronic Assault and Patrol) Fighter, developed for the sole purpose of giving C.A.S an advantage against the GCN along critical borders. It has no guns, and generally carries no missiles, as its main intended weaponry are its Electronic Countermeasures and offensive Super Radar capabilities. By combining the ability to fool enemy systems with an ability to fry enemy electronics, take over enemy systems and disarm enemy radar, it makes for one of the most effective tools that C.A.S has ever created.

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