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Primary Roles Transporter
Secondary Roles Bomber, EW Aircraft, Stand-off Platform
Weapons Electronic warfare suite standard.

Bombs and artillery modules are optional.

Sensors Varied, includes Russian-born UNCOVR anti-stealth radar.
Propulsion 4x R.N.A Ice-dragon Powerplants (Ultrafan Turbine/Supersonic Propeller Combo).
Cruising Speed 615mph
Maximum Speed 700mph in a shallow dive.
ELA Unknown

A heavy, all weather military transporter/bomber created by the R.N.A around the same time that USAFI created the Condor. It is more equipped to carry troops than heavy machinery, but with its superior bombing and stand off capabilities, it was often preferred over the Condor in actual wartime.


Great War PeriodEdit

The Lammergeier was used extensively by Russia, and later by numerous well armed factions, for much of the duration of The Great War, as a bomber and hostile environment transporter.

Post War Period (Early GCN Era)Edit

After the GCN arose and put an end to The Great War, the Lammergeier became a critical piece of rebuilding efforts. What was previously used as a bomber, was now used to drop supplies in badly damaged areas. Along with the Condor, the Lammergeier provided a low cost way to fill the gaps in heavy aircraft roles until better alternatives could take over.

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