MA16 CatShark
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GCN MA16 CatShark
Primary Roles Trainer, Light Maritime Dominance Fighter, Anti-Sub Fighter
Secondary Roles Anti-troop Fighter, Anti-Ship Fighter, Destroyer-killer
Weapons 2x Rapid Fire Cannons

2x Nasal Lasers 2x Wing Mounted Lasers 4x Spatial Disruptors 4x Rear-facing Hyperfire Cannons 6x SeaSerpent Missiles 3x Pylons for Micro, Cateye or SeaSerpent Missiles

Sensors Unknown
Propulsion 2x X-m21 Maritime Hyperdrives

2x Nuclear Drives

Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA Unknown

The MA16 CatShark is a lightweight Trainer and Light Fighter, which specializes in anti-troop and anti-sub warfare. It can also take out small ships, including destroyers and light aircraft carriers. It is less adept at taking down other fighters on its own, though it is formidable in large groups. The CatShark is often used to train marine fighter pilots for intense scenarios and for flying the larger MA17 Blacktip, MA18 Bull and GI175 Sleeper Sharks.

Statistics & SpecificationsEdit

The MA16 is equipped with 2 X-m21 Maritime Hyperdrives, which are designed for low input and high output. They run on electricity, so the MA16 needs no conventional fuel (namely gas), but produces more thrust than is needed for its weight. The X-m 21 dumps air quickly, so the MA16 is quick and agile both in deployment and in flight.

With abundant thrust vectoring vents, the MA16 can make tight turns and risky manouveres that give less experienced pilots a taste of things to come, and experienced pilots and edge in battle.

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