MA18 BullShark
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The Global Council of Nations MA18 BullShark
Primary Roles Convertible-Role Intruder, Marine Interceptor
Secondary Roles Anti-submarine and Anti-tank Fighter
Weapons 4 large missiles (Apokalypse, Cat-Eye, Sea-Serpent or Punkblaster Missiles)

2 Heavy Cannons firing napalm/TNT rounds or "dead" stabilized-uranium rounds

6 Wing-mounted Cannons firing "fire-wafer" rounds

2 Rapid Fire Cannons Mounted beside the nose

4 Wing-mounted lasers, two "red-eye" lasers

1 Yellow laser mounted on the nose

2 Spatial Distortion Devices

Electronic Countermeasures

Super Radar Boom ability

Internal stores of missiles, rockets, bombs or smart mines

Sensors Unknown
Propulsion 2 X-i37 Hyperdrives

2 X-m3 Mini Hyperdrives

1 dual-core nuclear drive

Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA Unknown

The MA18 BullShark is heavy intruder and interceptor, hardened for marine operations. It is one of the fastest and most powerful marine fighters on earth.



Main article: Fighter_Roles#Intruder

This is the MA18's main role. It is hardy and fast enough to quickly penetrate enemy airspace at short notice and reach difficult targets. It can change its role mid-mission, depending on the level of the enemy response. If need be, it can turn from intruder to "pathfinder" at a moment's notice.

Marine InterceptorEdit

Main article: Fighter_Roles#Marine_Interceptor

The M18 is secondarily a Marine Interceptor. Its ability to launch quickly from marine aircraft carriers and engage enemy aircraft makes it perfect for the role. It can also intercept enemy ships and torpedos, making low level flights above water if needed.

Anti-sub warfareEdit

Main article: Fighter_Roles#Anti-Sub

The MA18's powerful sensors allow it to track submarines if they are are close enough to the surface, and as such, it is able to track and destroy them from above water, and from a distance.

Anti-tank warfareEdit