GCN MP DR-N1 Diplomat
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GCN MP DR-N1 Diplomat:

Maritime Police Drone

Primary Roles Maritime Patrol (Civilian)
Secondary Roles Recon (Civilian)
Weapons None.

Can jam enemy radar and electronic systems, and produce infrared disturbance.

Sensors Unknown
Propulsion Two X-m1 Hyperdrives with combined exhaust.
Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA Unknown

While the Enforcer family of drones was built to patrol the skies and the land, the Diplomat family was created to rule the seas. The first of these maritime drones is the non-military Diplomat, which patrols the coastal waters of especially high traffic GCN member states, keeping an eye out for illegal activity. It gets its name from its lack of weapons and the tendency for its missions to be run along the border lines of the states it patrols.

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