Some attributes
Type: Roaster
Satellite(s): None
Population: None
Mass: 0.62 Jupiter masses
Tilt: 85°

Malotemprus (MALO-TEM-PRUS) is the first planet in the Megachidnus system. It is also largest of the two innermost planets, known as roasters, and the planet with the hottest atmosphere in the system. Its name, meaning "bad-tempered one", comes from the violent nature of its upper atmosphere, which is constantly covered in raging storm clouds. Malotemprus has no natural satellites (moons), but it is orbitted (seasonally) by Ta'Elan satellites, which come to monitor the planet, mine resources, and serve as test sites for various technologies.


Malotemprus is about 1/2 the size of Jupiter, but contains much less mass, being only 0.62 Jupiter masses. Much of its former mass has been blown away by solar wind.

Orbital CharacteristicsEdit

Malotemprus, despite being so close to its star, orbits relatively slowly, taking about five months to complete a single orbit. Its orbital path is almost a perfect circle, but it takes a rather weird path in that it goes from being extremely close to the star, to being far enough to form a liquid surface. A Malotempran summer lasts for just 2 months, and then it transitions to its winter period, during which the southern half of the planet becomes rather cold. This war between hot and cold hemispheres lends to violent storms in its atmosphere.

Unlike most planets so close to their parent star, Malotemprus rotates on its side, so that the Northern hemisphere faces the star, and the southern hemisphere faces away from it.


Malotemprus has 5 rings, 3 solid, rocky rings, and 2 whispy, dusty rings. All of the rings consist of particles with high amounts of heavy metals. These rings are preserved from being melted or evaporated away by the planet's unusual orbit, and by their composition.