A Nastium ring on a block of steel.

Nastium (Ns, Nas), is a super-heavy quasi-metallic element discovered by the Ta'Elans. Though classified as a quasi-metal (a metal-like element), Nastium can in fact be classified as a true metal, but its allotropes and chemical behaviour make it difficult to classify as such. In nature, Nastium is almost always found in the form of various compounds, such as Nastium Oxide, Trinastium Trioxide, Hydrogen Nastide, and Foolium Nastide. It gets its misleadingly hilarious name from its supposed tendency to be highly reactive (with explosive results). This is more applicable to its chemical big brother, Exousium, which reactively explodes on contact with any other material. In reality, it is actually not always this "nasty", as it can exist in various valencies. The most abundant form of Nastium (usually found in the form of gaseous Nastium Oxide) is Nastium VI.

Nastium Oxidation States Edit

Nastium has various oxidation states, each of which carries a specific name or prefix. These prefixes are not used consistently in common language, however.

Nastitic (Nastium +1)

Nasistic (Nastium +2)

Nastitatic (Nastium +3)

Nasistatic (Nastium +4)

Nastitactic (Nastium +5)

Nasistitatic (Nastium +6)

Nastistitatic (Nastium +7)

Nastishistatic (Nastium +8)