A super-heavy quasi-metal with chemical and physical properties similar to Carbon, Silicon and Germanium. Its oxidation numbers are +2, +4 and -4, but it also take on complex oxidation states as is the case with many quasi-metals. It is abundant in the Megachidnus System, and its compounds form the majority of the inner make up of most of these planets. Many of its compounds exhibit mysterious physical properties and effects, such as gravity-dampening, magnetic field alteration, and radiation absorption.

The most common compounds of Oolium are Lithium Ooliate, which makes up the major part of Dinostoria's thick, honeycomb structured crust, and Lithium Oolide which is often found on Super Lunar planets, such as Litiana.

Uses Edit

Electronics Edit

Pure Oolium is often used in Ta'Elan technology in place of or in tandem with Carbon and Silicon to make complex electronic circuits. As a "multi-metal", it exhibits various "thinking" states, in which it can hold or modify an electrical current or charge in a manner that facilitates complex calculations with less circuitry than would normally be needed in standard silicon and carbon based electronics. Di-Oolium Cores are notable more versatile than single-atom quantum computers.

Cloaking Technology Edit

Oolium and its compounds are an essential component of many Ta'Elan Cloak-Shields. Their ability to selectively bend light as well as alter gravity and magnetic fields makes them perfect for the task. Oolium Hallides, such as Oolium Flouride, are also used in advanced Ta'Elan Cloak-Shields for their ability to bend and warp space-time under certain conditions. Though other elements and compounds are occasionally used, Oolium compounds are the most readily available, the most abundant, and the most reliable.

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