Apart from the GCN, Ta'Elan Empire, and Axizian Dominion, there are many smaller civilizations, some of them rather powerful and influential, throughout the known universe. Most of them consist of humans that rejected the GCN's rule, or fled the planet during the 150 year war. Others consist of Axizian rebels, Pre-Ta'Elan settlers, and even machine-based "life forms" created by scientists that in some cases, are long dead.

These civilizations are widely varied in terms of their cultures, locations, and histories, and are given their own articles, as listed below. Also listed are alliances that function independently of the GCN using loopholes in GCN law.

Also listed here are any governments or alliances that function as shadows under the ruling governments.



  • The Barrians (A tribe of Ta'Elans who were isolated for hundreds of years on the Dinostorian moon, Baros).
  • Impera Megacena (A group of pre-Ta'Elan settlers that were stranded on the planets surrounding Megacena).
  • The Tallians (The inhabitants of the planet Titanium Tallide. They are both genetically and culturally distinct from the other Ta'Elans, and have partial independence through their own Tallaikania).


  • The Uprising (A group of Axizian rebels who tried to overthrow The Great Axis).