Some attributes
Type: Gas-Hybrid/Gas-Complex
Satellite(s): Ton, Onon, Demiron, Virion, Happilion, Zekton, Wellanon, Jepton, Lizigon
Population: None
Mass: 82 Earth Masses
A Gas-Hybrid/Gas-Complex in the Supplicant system, and third planet from the central star. Like most planets in the system, it consists mostly of Carbon and Carbon compounds. Its solid core consists of diamond and graphite, and is surrounded by layers of carbon dioxide and traces of other chemically inert gases. On the outer layer of the planet sits a thin layer of neon and other gases that react to the electrical storms that sit directly below, producing a spectacular show of orange and pink light. Six loose rings of pure Carbon dust and Carbon Dioxide rocks float slowly around the planet's equator.

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