PDR-N1 Observer
View In 3D: N/A
Primary Roles Police Drone
Secondary Roles N/A.
Weapons 1 Nose Mounted Cannon.
Sensors (TODO)
Propulsion 1 Hybrid Nuclear Drive
Cruising Speed 45 mph
Maximum Speed Mach 1.5
ELA Unknown

The Observer is a GCN police drone. It has none of the military or offensive capabilities of the other enforcer family drones and is used mainly for observation and general policing. The only projectile-based weapon it carries is a single nose-mounted cannon, which fires non-lethal ammunition to stop flying cars or to immobilize human assailants.

The Observer can hover quietly in position thanks to an integrated anti-gravity system. This enhances its policing ability as it can watch individuals from a stationary position as opposed to circling like some other drones. This ability has a shortcoming however, as it makes the Observer more vulnerable to attack when it is watching a stationary target.

The Observer will be featured in Mission : Illumination - Bad Omen.

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