The Axis Omen, a Planetary Scout.

A mothership used for determining the viability of a planet or its inhabitants for either assimilation or colonization. Planetary scouts are exclusive to the Axis, as the Ta'Elans and humans use regular ships or unmanned probes for this purpose. Known Planetary Scouts include the following:

As of Chapter 1, only one of these ships has been encountered by humanity, the Ultimatum, and as yet, little is known about it.


The Planetary Scout Class is further divided into sub-classes. These classes differ not only in role but in design, power, capacity and value. Known classes are listed below:


Aggressor class Planetary Scouts are beefed up motherships meant to carry large amounts of raiders and troops. They often carry smaller motherships, such as the Lancia, as well as numerous Kati Hives. The Ultimatum and Totallion are examples of Aggressor class Planetary scouts.


Agitator class Planetary Scouts are small, fast scouts ships with limited weaponry and shields, but the ability to cover ground quickly. They are used mostly for inciting warfare through skirmishes. There are no known Agitator class Planetary Scouts at this time.


Arbitrator class Planetary Scouts are a rarely used class that are designed to provide backup and assistance to other scouts. They are outfitted with unique weaponry and advanced shields, along with an increased capacity for raider class ships, such as the Kati and Moth. Instead of hives, they carry hordes, which consist of multiple hives combined into one massive unit. The Extrication is an example of an Arbitrator class Planetary Scout.


Dominator class Planetary Scouts are large, rare ships with weapons normally restricted to higher level motherships, such as Destroyer Class ships like the Pices and Dominion Signitia. The Omen is an example of a Dominion class Planetary Scout.


Predator class Planetary scouts are smaller and faster than most others, with a smaller capacity for ships and troops, but a massive stock of weapons. They are generally structurally reinforced to withstand the power of their own weapons, but are still vulnerable to structural decay. The Deception is an example of a Predator class Planetary Scout.