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Primary Roles Light ICER and Fighter Killer
Secondary Roles Electronic Ground Attack, Close Air Support
Weapons -
  • Long-rage electronic warfare suite.
  • 1x Nuclear Disruptor on the upper body.
  • 2x Nuclear Disruptors (in the wings).
  • 4x Rear-facing nuclear disruptors.
  • 2x Rapid fire cannons in the nose.
  • Internal stores for missiles and rockets, or bombs and depth charges.
Sensors ICER suite, including multispectrum cameras and Long-range all-weather radar.
Propulsion 2x R.N.A Hyperfans.
Cruising Speed Mach 0.98.

Optionally, Mach 1.25 or Mach 2.1.

Maximum Speed Mach 3.5 in bursts.
ELA Unknown

Using long-range electronic assault technology first developed in Africa, the R.N.A R72-TigerShrike represents the earliest example of LEAP technology in a fighter. Though not as advanced as later examples, such as the AFDL Shrike and C.A.S Kestrel, it bested every one of its contemporaries, and remained unchallenged for many years after The Great War ended in 2300.

Blending a suite of advanced, long-range electronic weaponry with state of the art missiles, nuclear disruptors, rapid fire cannons and long range sensors, the R72 proved that size doesn't give a damn when it comes to being on top of the game.

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