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Primary Roles Multi-role Fighter/Interceptor
Secondary Roles Attack Plane
Weapons Partly Classified.
  • 2x 4 Barrel Белый медведь (Belyy medved) "Polar Bear" Supercannons
  • 2x Forward-facing Nuclear Disruptor-Lasers.
  • 2x Rear-facing Nuclear Disruptor-Lasers.
  • 2x Rear-facing Lasers.
  • 4x Air-To-Air Drakon (Dragon) Missiles.
  • Missile Anti-/Reverse-locking System.
  • Electronic Countermeasures.
Sensors Partly Classified.
  • Multispectrum Cameras.
  • All-Weather SABR Radar.
  • Satellite-enhanced "Areanet" Sensors (for tracking nearby aircraft without radar).
Propulsion 2x R.N.A Hyperfans. (Direct precursor to the hyperdrive).
Cruising Speed Mach 2.1
Maximum Speed Mach 3.22
ELA Unknown

A powerful multirole Russian fighter developed by the R.N.A. It was a direct competitor to the F42 Wildfire and G2 SkyWeasel (in theory), but also ended up being used (with surprising success) against unmanned fighters such as the G1 SkyCaptain and Alpha Predator.


Unlike the USAF, the Russian Airforce sought to make their fighters less vulnerable to defeat, rather than to simply replace their manned fighters with drones. Though laughed at by much of the military world, their plans would cause the rest of the world to sit up and take a serious look, and are a major reason why manned fighters remained in production in other parts of the world.

One of the last R.N.A fighters created before the onset of The Great War, the R75 SteppeEagle came into service at around the same time as the less capable G2 SkyWeasel. First conceptualized during the days of the F42 Wildfire, it was meant to outgun, out pace and out think the F42 at all levels. However, before the R75 could enter physical development, the F42 was scrapped in favour of unmanned fighters with more speed and less firepower. Not willing to waste their efforts, the R.N.A forged ahead with their plans for the R75, regardless of the loss of its major competitor.

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